Cytisus petrovicii Adamović

Family: Fabaceae

Original taxon name: Cytisus petrovicii

Author of the original taxon name: Adamović, L.

Classic locality: in dumetis ad meridiem versis montis Bassara prope Pirot, ad altit. 7-900 m. Solo calcareo. Floret junio incunte

Reference where the scientific name of taxon was first described in: Adamović, L. (1896). Neue Beiträge zur Flora von Serbien. Allgemeine Botanische Zeitschrift, 2(6): 95-96 pp.

Economy where the taxon was described in: SRB

Specific description of the place: Mts Basara

Global distribution of taxon: BGR,MKD,SRB

Reference where the scientific name of taxon was accepted in: Tomović et al. (2014). Balkan endemic plants in Central Serbia and Kosovo regions: distribution patterns, ecological characteristics and centres of diversity. Botanical Journal of the Linnean Society, 176(2): 173-202 pp.