Aphaenopsis pfeiferi gracilis Winkler, 1927

Family: Carabidae

Original taxon name: Aphaenopsis Pfeiferi subsp. gracilis nov.

Author of the original taxon name: Winkler, A.

Classic locality: Höhle nahe dem Gipfel, Visošica planina in Südbosnien

Reference where the scientific name of taxon was first described in: Winkler, A. (1927). Neue Trechinen aus Jugoslavien. (5. Beitrag zur Kenntnis der Blindkâferfauna). Koleopterologische Rundschau, 13: 241-242 pp.

Economy where the taxon was described in: BIH(FBH)

Specific description of the place: unnamed cave, near the mountain top, Visočica Mt.

Global distribution of taxon: BIH

Reference where the scientific name of taxon was accepted in: Löbl, I. & Löbl, D. (eds.) (2017). Catalogue of Palaearctic Coleoptera Volume 1 Revised and Updated Edition. Archostemata - Myxophaga - Adephaga. Brill. Leiden-Boston: 1443 pp pp.