Anthroherpon pygmaeum stricticolle Jeannel, 1930

Family: Leiodidae

Original taxon name: Antroherpon pygmaeum Subsp. stricticolle, nov.

Author of the original taxon name: Jeannel, R.

Classic locality: Bosnie méridionale: Sudarova pećina sur le plateau Radopolje, au sud du Preslica planina et dans la partie occidentale du massif du Bjelašnica planina

Reference where the scientific name of taxon was first described in: Jeannel, R. (1930). Révision des genres Blattochaeta et Antroherpon (Bathysciinae). L'Abeille, Journal d’Entomologie, 34: 123–148 pp.

Economy where the taxon was described in: BIH(FBH)

Specific description of the place: Sudarova Pećina Cave, Dugo Polje, Bjelašnica Mt.

Global distribution of taxon: BIH

Reference where the scientific name of taxon was accepted in: Löbl, I. & Löbl, D. (eds.) (2015). Catalogue of Palaearctic Coleoptera Volume 1. Revised and Updated Edition. Hydrophiloidea – Staphylinoidea. Brill. Leiden-Boston: 1702pp pp.